In most companies even 90% of operational costs are associated with staff costs

Since early 80’s there have been broad research on how the indoor environmental quality (i.e. building) affects the results and health of the employees.


Even minimum increase of employees’ health or their productivity, can have significant financial implications for business

More than ever before, worker wellbeing is good business, providing an advantage for organizations intent on competing globally

The result is highly engaged employees

Welcome to the 5th edition of

Excellent presentations, real debates and newest green building development trends

During the conference you will find out how buildings influence health, wellbeing and productivity of their occupants. You will discover the benefits of conscious design, construction and building maintenance. What are the benefits of having the office in green building and how to measure the impact on company’s bottom-line.

Inspiring five time TED speaker (18 mln views) and sound expert Julian Treasure reveals how we can improve wellbeing, productivity and social behaviour by designing appropriate and effective soundscapes in our buildings. British expert Phil Nedin shows how to design and create healthy and productive workplace and Phil Williams from Delos explains how to measure and certify it with Well Building Standard®.

The conference will be hosted by Kuba Strzyczkowski, radio journalist who has sailed alone through the Atlantic.

Simultaneous interpretation during the conference will be provided.

During the debates you will find practical information in the following areas:

  • New workspace: why do leaders choose green offices?

  • Global trends and perspectives for green, healthy and comfortable buildings of various types

  • Providing optimum conditions of buildings use and employees’ wellbeing vs energy efficiency

We ensure sustainable catering service, of highest quality, local and ecological food. Fair trade and super food will be served.